In 2010, our company wase stablished in our district İscehisar connectedto Afyonkarahisar Sophia Marble quality and superior craftsman ship is reflected in the abilityto manufacture all marble products toforeign countries, Turkey, and all with out compromising on time and quality offers.

The main principle of our company is satisfaction of thecustomer.Toachievethisaccurately,identifyingchangingcustomerdemands, competitiveprices, giving the product mustdefinitely be sent in time and correctly. Wewill be proud ofserving for you with Kitchen Countertop, Marble Bathroom, Marble Stairs, Marble Flooring, Marble Fireplace Applications, Marble Wall Cladding.

Our company which has beenproven the success in marble, is working for decoration. Do not for get that “Let’stell us and we convert the marbleto the art with our infintive designs for you”

Our vision:

Our aim is toreach world standards about manufacturing sink, basin, bathbasin, showertrays, tubs, pots, garden decorations, fireplace, desk accessories, fountain, fountains, gardenfountains, poolfountains , columns, arches, railings, columns, clock, a lot like a scarecrowwhicharemadefromAfyon marble, Muğla marble, beige, limestone, andazit, Kofi, blackmarbleandtravertine. And tosatisf your customers unconditionally.

Our mission:

Toproduce the best quality products for our customers and to deliverthem on time. Maket heir dream designsreal.